Fabric Softener Crystals

This is awesome!  I used to use plain old Epsom Salt or 1 cup of vinegar in my wash when I would run out of fabric softener. Then I tried making liquid fabric softener, but my clothes felt waterproof (not good since if liquid beads up on fabric there’s a guarantee it is all over the dryer vent which is a fire hazard!) Anyway, I found a gem! and I already had all the ingredients! The ingredients cost less than $2 total! (I recently bought some of the Purex Crystals for a little over $3) a dollar saved is money in my pocket!

So I used a recipe for fabric softener crystals I found on a cute little blog called One Good Thing by Jillee!



4 cups  Epsom Salt

40 drops of essential oil(s)- about 10 drops per cup of epsom salt, but you can put more

incorporate (this means stir/shake/mix) really well

I used lemon and lavender essential oils – which is also what I use in my laundry liquid. Smells nice.

I store it in an airtight container.

Use approximately 1/4 c. per load. Put it in with the clothes and detergent (no need to try to time the rinse cycle)


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